Class TimetableXMLSaver

  extended by net.sf.cpsolver.coursett.TimetableSaver
      extended by net.sf.cpsolver.coursett.TimetableXMLSaver
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class TimetableXMLSaver
extends TimetableSaver

This class saves the resultant solution in the XML format.


Parameter Type Comment
General.Output String Folder with the output solution in XML format (solution.xml)
Xml.ConvertIds Boolean If true, ids are converted (to be able to make input data public)
Xml.ShowNames Boolean If false, names are not exported (to be able to make input data public)
Xml.SaveBest Boolean If true, best solution is saved.
Xml.SaveInitial Boolean If true, initial solution is saved.
Xml.SaveCurrent Boolean If true, current solution is saved.
Xml.ExportStudentSectioning Boolean If true, student sectioning is saved even when there is no solution.

CourseTT 1.2 (University Course Timetabling)
Copyright (C) 2006 - 2010 Tomáš Müller

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Field Summary
static boolean ANONYMISE
Constructor Summary
TimetableXMLSaver(Solver<Lecture,Placement> solver)
Method Summary
 void save()
          Save the solution
 void save(File outFile)
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Field Detail


public static boolean ANONYMISE
Constructor Detail


public TimetableXMLSaver(Solver<Lecture,Placement> solver)
Method Detail


public void save()
          throws Exception
Description copied from class: TimetableSaver
Save the solution

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save in class TimetableSaver


public void save(File outFile)
          throws Exception