Class StructuredCSPModel

  extended by net.sf.cpsolver.ifs.model.Model<CSPVariable,CSPValue>
      extended by net.sf.cpsolver.ifs.example.csp.StructuredCSPModel

public class StructuredCSPModel
extends Model<CSPVariable,CSPValue>

Random Binary CSP with kernels.

This class only implements the generation of Structured CSP problem.
In Structured CSP, variables are divided into several kernels (some variables may remain ouside kernels). Different constraints (in density and tightnes) are generated according to whether variables are from the same kernel or not.

Model parameters:

Parameter Type Comment
CSP.NrVariables Integer Number of variables
CSP.DomainSize Integer Number of values for each variable
CSP.NrKernels Integer Number of kernels
CSP.KernelSize Integer Number of variables in each kernel
CSP.Tightness Double Tightness of constraints outside kernels
CSP.KernelTightness Double Tightness of constraints inside a kernel
CSP.Density Double Density of constraints outside kernels
CSP.KernelDensity Double Density of constraints inside a kernel
General.MPP String Minimal perturbation problem --> generate initial assignment

IFS 1.2 (Iterative Forward Search)
Copyright (C) 2006 - 2010 Tomáš Müller

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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
StructuredCSPModel(DataProperties properties, long seed)
Method Summary
 Map<String,String> getInfo()
          Return information table
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Constructor Detail


public StructuredCSPModel(DataProperties properties,
                          long seed)

Method Detail


public Map<String,String> getInfo()
Return information table

getInfo in class Model<CSPVariable,CSPValue>