Interface ValueSelection<V extends Variable<V,T>,T extends Value<V,T>>

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DbtValueSelection, EnrollmentSelection, ExamTabuSearch, GeneralValueSelection, PlacementSelection

public interface ValueSelection<V extends Variable<V,T>,T extends Value<V,T>>

Value selection criterion.

After a variable is selected, we need to find a value to be assigned to the variable. This problem is usually called "value selection" in constraint programming. Typically, the most useful advice is to select the best-fit value. So, we are looking for a value which is the most preferred for the variable and which causes the least trouble as well. This means that we need to find a value with the minimal potential for future conflicts with other variables. For example, a value which violates the smallest number of soft constraints can be selected among those with the smallest number of hard conflicts.

The task of this criterion is to select a value of the given variable which will be assigned to this variable.

IFS 1.2 (Iterative Forward Search)
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Method Summary
 void init(Solver<V,T> solver)
 T selectValue(Solution<V,T> solution, V selectedVariable)
          Value selection

Method Detail


void init(Solver<V,T> solver)


T selectValue(Solution<V,T> solution,
              V selectedVariable)
Value selection

solution - current solution
selectedVariable - selected variable