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Packages that use GlobalConstraint
net.sf.cpsolver.ifs.model IFS Model (description of a problem) 
net.sf.cpsolver.studentsct.constraint Student Sectioning: Constraints. 

Uses of GlobalConstraint in net.sf.cpsolver.ifs.model

Methods in net.sf.cpsolver.ifs.model that return types with arguments of type GlobalConstraint
 List<GlobalConstraint<V,T>> Model.globalConstraints()
          The list of global constraints in the model

Methods in net.sf.cpsolver.ifs.model with parameters of type GlobalConstraint
 void Model.addGlobalConstraint(GlobalConstraint<V,T> constraint)
          Adds a global constraint to the model
 void Model.removeGlobalConstraint(GlobalConstraint<V,T> constraint)
          Removes a global constraint from the model

Uses of GlobalConstraint in net.sf.cpsolver.studentsct.constraint

Subclasses of GlobalConstraint in net.sf.cpsolver.studentsct.constraint
 class ConfigLimit
          Configuration limit constraint.
 class CourseLimit
          Course limit constraint.
 class ReservationLimit
          Reservation limit constraint.
 class SectionLimit
          Section limit constraint.