Class SwapStudentSelection

  extended by net.sf.cpsolver.studentsct.heuristics.selection.SwapStudentSelection
All Implemented Interfaces:
NeighbourSelection<Request,Enrollment>, ProblemStudentsProvider

public class SwapStudentSelection
extends Object
implements NeighbourSelection<Request,Enrollment>, ProblemStudentsProvider

Pick a student (one by one) with an incomplete schedule, try to find an improvement, identify problematic students.

For each request that does not have an assignment and that can be assined (see Student.canAssign(Request)) a randomly selected sub-domain is visited. For every such enrollment, a set of conflicting enrollments is computed and a possible student that can get an alternative enrollment is identified (if there is any). For each such move a value (the cost of moving the problematic student somewhere else) is computed and the best possible move is selected at the end. If there is no such move, a set of problematic students is identified, i.e., the students whose enrollments are preventing this student to get a request.

Each student can be selected for this swap move multiple times, but only if there is still a request that can be resolved. At the end (when there is no other neighbour), the set of all such problematic students can be returned using the ProblemStudentsProvider interface.


Parameter Type Comment
Neighbour.SwapStudentsTimeout Integer Timeout for each neighbour selection (in milliseconds).
Neighbour.SwapStudentsMaxValues Integer Limit for the number of considered values for each course request (see CourseRequest.computeRandomEnrollments(int)).

StudentSct 1.2 (Student Sectioning)
Copyright (C) 2007 - 2010 Tomáš Müller

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Nested Class Summary
 class SwapStudentSelection.Selection
          This class looks for a possible swap move for the given student
static class SwapStudentSelection.SwapStudentNeighbour
          Neighbour that contains the swap
Field Summary
protected  StudentOrder iOrder
static boolean sDebug
Constructor Summary
SwapStudentSelection(DataProperties properties)
Method Summary
static Enrollment bestSwap(Enrollment conflict, Enrollment enrl, Set<Student> problematicStudents)
          Identify the best swap for the given student
 Set<Student> getProblemStudents()
          List of problematic students
 SwapStudentSelection.Selection getSelection(Student student)
          Selection subclass for a student
 void init(Solver<Request,Enrollment> solver)
 Neighbour<Request,Enrollment> selectNeighbour(Solution<Request,Enrollment> solution)
          For each student that does not have a complete schedule, try to find a request and a student that can be moved out of an enrollment so that the selected student can be assigned to the selected request.
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Field Detail


public static boolean sDebug


protected StudentOrder iOrder
Constructor Detail


public SwapStudentSelection(DataProperties properties)

properties - configuration
Method Detail


public void init(Solver<Request,Enrollment> solver)

Specified by:
init in interface NeighbourSelection<Request,Enrollment>


public Neighbour<Request,Enrollment> selectNeighbour(Solution<Request,Enrollment> solution)
For each student that does not have a complete schedule, try to find a request and a student that can be moved out of an enrollment so that the selected student can be assigned to the selected request.

Specified by:
selectNeighbour in interface NeighbourSelection<Request,Enrollment>
solution - given solution
a neighbour assignment


public Set<Student> getProblemStudents()
List of problematic students

Specified by:
getProblemStudents in interface ProblemStudentsProvider


public SwapStudentSelection.Selection getSelection(Student student)
Selection subclass for a student


public static Enrollment bestSwap(Enrollment conflict,
                                  Enrollment enrl,
                                  Set<Student> problematicStudents)
Identify the best swap for the given student

conflict - conflicting enrollment
enrl - enrollment that is visited (to be assigned to the given student)
problematicStudents - the current set of problematic students
best alternative enrollment for the student of the conflicting enrollment