Commercial Services
We offer services for any part of the user experience with UniTime. Here are a few examples:
  • Presentation of UniTime, consulting on how it would fit a specific institution
  • Initial installation / set up of the application
  • Initial data load (could be data from past semesters)
  • Trial run of the solver on loaded data and set up of the application and solver parameters to fit the institution
  • Minor customizations of the application
  • Training
  • Support during all phases of timetabling (answering questions, problem solving)
  • “What if” scenarios; for example, what would the timetable look like if a large room is left out, if a new building is built, if semesters change to trimesters, if instructors are generally not allowed to require one time/one room
  • Custom reports
  • Examination timetabling (an institution provides data, UniTime sends back a timetable)
  • For advanced users (when an institution has used UniTime for at least a semester)
    • Customization of new session initialization, combining data from external resources and UniTime
    • Consulting on improvements of efficiency, solver tuning

To provide a better idea how the services could be bundled, we offer these three sample packages. If you are interested in any of these packages, please, contact us for a price estimate. The price for a package can be discounted over our standard hourly rates.

We recognize the need of some institutions to secure a greater commitment to the continuing support of their critical software systems. To meet this need, we can offer a commercial support contract.

For any questions or comments, please contact us at