XML Interfaces
    Following XML interfaces reflect the UniTime data model. Data may be imported once (for each term) and/or periodically updated by a nightly batch process. It is also possible to maintain most of these data directly within UniTime, see Administration > Academic Sessions menu. Usually, records that have external ids (attribute externalId) are expected to be maintained in an external system, records without external ids are fully editable in UniTime.

    Use Data Exchange page (menu Administration > Academic Sessions > Data Exchange) to import or export an XML.

    XML formats for import of academic session related data:
    • Academic session setup [XML] [DTD] (UniTime 4.2)
    • Student properties
      • Academic areas [XML] [DTD]
      • Academic classifications [XML] [DTD]
      • Majors [XML] [DTD]
      • Minors [XML] [DTD]
      • Student Groups [XML] [DTD] (learning communities etc.)
      • Student Accommodations [XML] [DTD] (disabilities etc.)
    • Other resources
      • Departments [XML] [DTD]
      • Subject areas [XML] [DTD]
      • Buildings and rooms [XML] [DTD]
        • Travel times [XML] [DTD] (UniTime 3.5)
        • Room Sharing [XML] [DTD] (UniTime 3.5)
      • Staff [XML] [DTD] (instructors etc.)
      • Course catalog [XML] [DTD]
      • Event Load [XML] [DTD] (one time load for Special Events and Course Related Events)
    Academic areas, classification, and majors are needed for curriculum timetabling and for curriculum reservations. Student groups are useful for group reservations. Information about student minor(s) and accommodations can be stored in UniTime, but this information is not used in UniTime at the moment.

    XML formats for student data import and export:
    • Students [XML] [DTD]
      • Student course requests [XML] [DTD] (pre-registration)
      • Student class enrollments [XML] [DTD]
    • Curriculum information [XML] [DTD]
    • Last-like term student course demands [XML] [DTD] (import only)
    Course timetabling can be either based on curriculum information, last-like term student course demands, student course requests, or the actual student class enrollments. Examination timetabling requires student class enrollments. If both course timetabling and student scheduling is done in UniTime, at the very least, students need to be loaded from some external system.

    XML formats for course data and timetable import / export:
    • Courses [XML] [DTD] (including the course structure and time/room assignments)
      • Including final/evening exams [XML] (including exam definitions and period/room assignments)
      • Import example [XML] (including basis of the course structure, class and exam assignments)
    • Timetable [XML] [DTD] (no course structure, only time/room assignments)
      • Import example [XML] (UniTime 3.4)
    • Reservations [XML] [DTD] (UniTime 3.3)
    • Preferences [XML] [DTD] (UniTime 4.2)

    XML formats for (online) data interchange:
    Other XML formats: