UniTime LLC
Our goal at UniTime is to create scheduling tools that help colleges and universities deliver instruction in a manner that best meets their student's educational needs. Whether your curricula are highly structured or allow students a wide range of choices in courses from which to build a degree program, it is important that students be able to attend the courses required make progress toward their educational aspirations. Research on modern optimization methods has made it possible to design software that can build schedules which minimize conflicts between courses, even when they serve students in diverse programs, and can improve the ability of all student to attend the courses they need. This allows for more efficient use of educational resources and results in better satisfied students.

Course timetabling development started in 2001, and we have come a long way. We now have a mature, state of the art university timetabling solution that can be successfully applied to various institutions around the world. The main purpose of a UniTime LLC is to provide a platform for continued open source development and a sound business structure for providing commercial support to interested clients.

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