Introducing UniTime [video] [presentation]
K. Murray, December 2014

Course Timetabling with UniTime [video] [presentation]
Z. Müllerová, T. Müller, October 2015

Examination Timetabling in UniTime [video] [presentation]
T. Müller, Open Apereo 2015, June 2015

Student Scheduling in UniTime [video] [presentation]
T. Müller, November 2016

University Course Timetabling and International Timetabling Competition 2019 [video]
H. Rudová, November 2018

Event Management in UniTime [video] [presentation]
Z. Müllerová, T. Müller, December 2018

UniTime: Comprehensive University Scheduling System [presentation] [video]
T. Müller, Open Apereo Online 2020, June 2020

Using UniTime to improve institutional efficiency [presentation] [video]
T. Müller, Z. Müllerová, Open Apereo Online 2020, June 2020

UniTime Introduction & Community Update [video]
Z. Müllerová, Open Apereo 2021, June 2021

UniTime: Agile API Creation to Supply Data to Other Systems [presentation] [video]
S. Schluttenhofer, Open Apereo 2021

Using UniTime to rebuild schedules (e.g., due to the pandemic) [presentation] [video]
T. Müller, Open Apereo 2021